Glen Geldie: 5th Oct 2018 : kev_russ: Deep Space Two: Carn an Fhidhleir & An Sgarsoch-Byrdman: Carn an Fhidhleir and An Sgarsoch from Linn of Dee. Now on pathless ground follow the Allt a'Chaorainn up to the bealach between Carn an Fhidhleir and An Sgarsoch. 42km. I took 7 hours to do the two Munros which was a comfortable pace. The day could be shortened by the use of a mountain bike on the … The descent off Carn an Fhidhleir is very steep initially then there is a path lower down to the river. Follow this track to its end, then on a wet path drop to the Allt a'Chaorainn. The information given here will enable you to annotate your map and plan your route. N.B.Cycles can be used for much of the approach route. A couple of years back I planned to tackle Carn an Fhidhlair and An Sgarsoch from a house we were staying in at Glen Feshie. An Sgarsoch was their first hill and they had used bikes as far as Geldie Lodge. The March Weekend Meet was to “the far side” of the Cairngorms. I’ve used a bike to access loads of others like in from the Linn of Dee – An Sgarsoch, Carn Ealar. You now have to walk in line rather than side-by-side. These munros are well worth the effort as the views were amazing From Braemar, drive west to the bridge over the Linn of Dee and the car-park just beyond. An Sgarsoch and Carn an Fhidhleir. A second-hand, single-speed push-bike, cannibalized from other old wrecks, proved well worth its £10 purchase price in the time and effort saved in accessing some of the remote Munros embedded in the eastern Highlands.Although starting points for ascents lie close to estate roads or farm tracks these are generally unsuitable for access by private car, either being too rough … Whoever invented the bicycle probably did not have the idea in mind of getting into remote mountain country more quickly than on foot. Name: Druim Sgarsoich, Aberdeenshire Place type: Hill Or Mountain Location: Grid Ref: NN 9455 8364 • X/Y co-ords: 294558, 783648 • Lat/Long: 56.93209839,-3.73427090 On windy days, the cairn provides plenty shelter for a few hardy folk. You can click on the map name to purchase the map for £6.29 including postage which is one of the cheapest prices we have found. Anyway, enough of my moaning - a path is better than nothing ! 960m (3,150 ft) OS Map . Beinn Bhudhie up Glen Fyne is easier with *any* bike. For a change, I ditched the bike and walked instead. distance . I got back to my rucksack, camped the night at NN96578759 and walked out in two and a half hours the following morning. From Linn of Dee to An Sgarsoch and back (via Carn an Fhidlhier). Why ? Castle Roy. If the weather is good & dry I can't recommend this enough! ... (Braemar) into Geldie Lodge gives easy cycling for a round trip of 18 miles plus the walk to An Sgarsoch and Carn An Fhidheir of around 4 miles if I remember correctly. The heather gives way to grass and stones higher up and eventually the large cairn is reached. > Beinn Dearg (Atholl) was a bit like that, hire bike in Blair Atholl, > cycle to bothy, walk to summit, walk back, cycle back to Blair Atholl. time taken . Walking | An Sgarsoch and Carn an Fhidhleir | Summary:These two rounded, featureless hills are given distinction by their remoteness. Behind Geldie Lodge, a fine cyclable track used to run west below Sgarsoch Beag's heather clad slopes. Once we are allowed back into the hills I am planning to head down Glen Feshie on my bike to do the two remote hills to the south (An Sgarsoch and Cairn an Fhidleir). It’s tough going across some of the peat hags. hlean. Hmm – An Sgarsoch/Carn an Fhidhleir could be 14km Looks a good candidate and about 9 miles for sure – unless you count the glen tilt road which IIRC is … On Saturday, after much discussion about plans A, B and C, Dan and Sheena “undertook a circular walk from Muir… Plotted with the route planner. 1000m of ascent. The burn has solid grassy banks and you can follow it (waterfalls, lizards 'n' all) all the way to Geldie Burn, where it emerges into a huge expanse of flat grass and winding streams. Confirmed to me that using a bike made sense when there were rideable tracks so I was back doing the same again the next day on a route that took me 10 hours. My guess is that inconsiderate people … Record your own trail from the Wikiloc app, upload the route and share it with the community. Cairn on the summit of Carn an Fhidhleir (Carn Ealer) with Beinn a Ghlo behind. )). Approaching the southern slopes of Carn Ealar. A wonderfully windswept location; subtle colours, idyllic and peaceful. 2km before Bedford Memorial Bridge is reached, the track starts to climb - take a detour along the path heading back down towards the River Tilt. Beyond the bridge the track becomes easier, but further on the Allt Dhaidh Mor needs crossing, which can be tricky in spate. The track is easy going to Geldie Lodge, slightly harder work on the footpath with all the drainage ditches. If the mist is down, navigational skills will be needed from Carn an Fhidhleir to An Sgarsoch. The bridge is at a wonderful spot with a lovely waterfall. The total ascent is 1,122 metres. The burn was followed before cutting up the slopes on the right to the summit beyond. As the gradient starts to steepen, the path disappears, but sections of grass surround one of the burns and this can be followed uphill. The views from the summit, 963m, are reward enough. Count how many times you cross this burn ! They can also add a fixed time period for stoppages. On open ground, following paths without using your compass may get you lost in poor visibility. It's £2 to park here - the environmentally friendly toilets are an experience ! Ideal with a bike as there is roughly a 6km flat section in (and of course back out). Starting from Threipmuir we walked up over West Kip, East Kip and then over Scald Law which is the highest of the Pentland hills (579m). Càrn a' Chlamain (Gaelic: Càrn a' Chlamhain) is a Scottish mountain situated roughly 12 kilometres north of Blair Atholl in the Forest of Atholl. The track becomes fainter and rougher, turns north-west and climbs to meetup with the Allt a'Chaorainn. Tim Chappell 08 Mar 2014. I > think I managed the whole thing in under six hours. Cycling fitness can boost hillwalking opportunities . 3/8/2014. 6 Archiestown. This is a fine summit for views on clear days. I did An Sgarsoch first so I could descend Carn an Fhidhleir following the burn that is marked as starting at 910846. Allow 10.5 hours to complete this 41.56 km route. Fine tracks head from the roadside, giving quick and easy access for those on bikes. Weather . From Braemar (A93) travel W on minor road sign-posted "Linn of Dee" continue on this road to the falls where the road crosses the River Dee. 01. An Sgarsoch . An Sgarsoch looms above Fealar Lodge on a September evening, viewed from Carn an Righ. We were headed for the very remote Munros of Carn an Fhidhleir and An Sgarsoch. We then give directions from that location to the route start. It takes a long walk to get to the start though. One for the summer - and the very fit. I walked in from Linn of Dee with my two border collies and fully laden rucksack for a nights camping. Can extend cycling to/from Braemar itself. Name: Carn Allt na Beinne, Aberdeenshire Place type: Hill Or Mountain Location: Grid Ref: NO 0758 9648 • X/Y co-ords: 307590, 796488 • Lat/Long: 57.05020142,-3.52494289 I dumped and hid my big rucksack, unpacked a small day-sack and headed round to Carn an Fhidhleir then over to An Sgarsoch. We left our bikes at the high point on the path to climb an Sgarsoch first (very boggy on the lower slopes). In 1666, a small Covenanter army had risen in south-west Scotland and then advanced towards Edinburgh in an attempt to win support. Leave the car-park, turn right and head back along the road towards the bridge over the Dee. This continues on the opposite side of the water, but is wet and rough: better to stick to the river side, but both routes go back to the footpath that returns to Geldie Lodge. Cycle was a teeth-rattler and walk was easy but boring. You can ride almost to the summit with only the obligatory blockfield at the summit preventing you from staying on the bike. The path is fairly cyclable, but you might want to leave bikes at the junction and jog to Bedford Memorial bridge. February 07. Cross this burn, then pick up and follow a faint path through the heather for around 1km. Cross the bridge and keep on the main track heading south-west. I suspected they would overtake me during my long walk out but as it happens they did not. At the summit of An Sgarsoch: View from summit of An Sgarsoch: A path evolves and Geldie Lodge is approached. The views from the summit, 963m, are reward enough. These Munros are remote but well worth the effort. In winter months please check the local snow conditions at It is the highest point of an undulating plateau lying northeast of Glen Tilt.The River Tarf, a tributary of the Tilt, rises on the northwestern slopes before curving round the northern side of the plateau, whilst a further Tilt tributary … Our summary will always contain one of easy, moderate or hard to indicate the severity of the route. We took advantage of the sun being out today and headed into the Pentlands for a 7.25 mile walk up the hills. An ascent from the bothy in Glen Tarf, on the SE ridge is possible via Leachdann Feith Seasgachain. On mounting my bike I cycled north through the forest before the track crossed the River Tilt and headed out of the forest and along the east bank of the river on a fairly easy gradient with only a couple of sections where I had to push my bike. The ground levels out and becomes easier to progress following the grass covered banks of the Allt Coire an t-Seilich. Get onto the north side of the river, then pick up a track to follow westwards for around 2km. Looking north past the cairn on An Sgarsoch to Ben Macdui in the cloud shadow on the horizon. This makes a way up the south-eastern shoulder of Carn Ealar onto its summit. Ben Alder area - bike into the bothy/s and stay a couple nights, do some hills, bike back out. Def take the bikes for this! Return to the junction and rejoin the track heading uphill. Bike, Hike & Wild Camp. If you've not already dropped off your bike, this is probably the time to do it ! All in all a great weekend. From Linn of Dee on bike and left it 3 miles beyond White Bridge. Crossed Geldie Burn and got both feet wet and to the ruined Lodge. Uphill over 1' high heather to top. to An Sgarsoch. arranc: 06/06/1985: On way to an Scarsoch - to avoid Royal Wedding: Thearlaichdubh: 29/07/1981: Solo Uisdean25: 09/09/1980 We walked the full whack, despite the existence of a land-rover track covering two-thirds of the mileage. Our calculation is based on the horizontal and ascent components of a climb, we do not make a reduction for descent. Eventually the grass gives way to boulders, but this is a sign that the crest is nearly reached. Retrace your route back to Blair Atholl. Starting point : Linn of Dee Usually the shortest way to climb the mountain, making best use of tracks and paths to gain altitude. This upland area is dominated by the Ring of Tarf – a quartet of Munros, Beinn Dearg, Carn a' Chlamain, An Sgarsoch and Carn an Fhidleir, a round that offers the hill-walker a long and arduous expedition involving many miles of tough, remote walking. Turn north and start losing height. Find the best trails in Inverey, Scotland (United Kingdom). Bike Glenlivet. After another 2km, the track turns west, passes Red Hut, then becomes quite rough as it continues to a nackered wooden bridge. Steep at first, the track climbs 200m to just below Dun Mor, before dropping to a building by Tarf Water. The sad ruin of Geldie Lodge is 400m up the track. After parking at Linn of Dee we cycled past White Bridge; forded the Geldie Burn, which is ankle/calf deep at the moment and left the bikes and a recovering Craig at the Geldie Lodge ruin. We do not give anecdotal descriptions on where to find the paths, worn by the feet of previous mountaineers. ... Munros, Carn an Fhidhleir and An Sgarsoch … There is a W ridge which turns SW to continue over a series of minor tops, and a short N ridge, which is the normal route of ascent from the track in Glen Geldie. 1006m. Here we provide the nearest town to the start of the route where you will find basic services. Home » Mountain routes » Munros » Eastern Highlands » Geldie Lodge Munros, Geldie Lodge ruins infront of An Sgarsoch, On a shortcut to the bealach before An Sgarsoch, Scottish Avalance Information Service - Northern Cairngorms, Privacy policy, disclaimer and terms of use, 25km bike, plus 13km on foot (15.5/8.5 miles). I must have kept up a good pace. The SE ridge leads a minor top (906m) W of which a bealach links to An Sgarsoch. On An Sgarsoch An Sgarsoch is normally climbed together with Carn an Fhidhleir, a summit where three shires meet, the two connected by a col reaching An Sgarsoch's western ridge, which coll carries the Aberdeenshire-Perthshire border. The UK is covered by 204 Ordnance Survey Landranger 1:50,000 scale maps. Easy route on easy to moderate slopes with short vegetation. Cross the bealach and pick up a faint path through the heather climbing up the hill's western shoulder. There are signs that do ask that you leave your bike after about 4km, but after being on the track I’m not sure why they ask this. It took approximately 3 hours to Geldie lodge. A selection of weather forecasts local to this route. Leave the summit and follow a barely distinguisable path for 1km east. Start at the car-park 1km east of Old Blair, cross the road and cycle up Glen Tilt. In the heart of the wild country between the main Cairngorms and the Atholl ranges, few Munros can match these peaks for the feeling of solitude or open space. From the cairn on Carn an Fhidhleir, aim south-east following a faint path and drop to a bealach before the rise up to the top marked on the OS map with a spot height of 906m. A popular route starts at Feshiebridge in the north. On circuit of An Sgarsoch and Carn an Fhidhleir Munros by Bike:: Munros on Skis. The track then drops to Geldie Burn, where bikes should be left. Cross Geldie Burn and return back to Linn-of-Dee. Glad these are out the way - walking in would just prolong the agony. > > Similarly, the Southern Cairngorms are much easier to access with a > mountain bike. The descent off Carn an Fhidhleir is very steep initially then there is a path lower down to the river. Don't go up this - turn east-south-east and drop on wet grass and tussocky ground to the peaty bealach below An Sgarsoch. Your vista comprises: the Cairngorms, Lochnagar, Beinn a'Ghlo, Schiehallion, Ben Lawers, Ben Alder and the hills of Glen Feshie (to the NNE, by the Tarf Water, you can see Feith Uaine Bothy, the Tarf Hotel (not an actual hotel! Encircling these ruins are the gentle sloping shoulders of high mountains. The first summit is at the meeting of 3 counties - Perthshire, Aberdeenshire and Inverness shire. Registered users can customise these walking times by specifying their own walking and ascending speeds. An SGARSOCH - ROUTE DESCRIPTION: Location: An Sgarsoch, Perthshire / Aberdeenshire Long Grade: Long and remote mountain walk Distance: 23 miles, 39km Time: 10-12 hours . Route map for 'Cairngorms - An Sgarsoch' - a 42.1km running route near Ballater, UK. Discover the most beautiful places, download GPS tracks and follow the top routes itinerary on a map. An Sgarsoch. An excellent venue that promises excellent walking, mountain biking and skiing at this time of year, and despite some mixed weather, didn’t disappoint. At around c800m, the ground becomes steep and thick heather can now be bound down on. Route navigation requires map reading skills and an ability to navigate with a compass. - at least 20 munros I could name - others I am sure could manage Return to the bealach, then up An Sgarsoch. See if you can get Danny Mac to show you round the Cuillin. An estimate of the time taken based on a derivation of Naismiths rules. Posted 8 years ago Preferably by bike, head along this track for 4.5km to White Bridge. Best-avoided after heavy rain though. S. Dulnain Bridge. date climbed. A few months ago I accompanied a serious munro-bagger friend up Carn an Fhidhleir and An Sgarsoch (CF and AS from here), a marathon-distance route in the Southern Cairngorms. From An Sgarsoch's summit, head south towards Tarf Water and to wherever you've left your bike. The hillphones service can inform you of stalking activities in the area. Your approach route may differ. Geldie Munros - Carn an Fhidhleir (Carn Ealar), An Sgarsoch A track made for bikes (well, made for land-rovers,… Start from Linn of Dee, where there is roadside parking and a large carpark, Cross river and continue on road/track SW to junction, Turn W and follow road alongside Geldie Burn, Follow road SW past Geldie Lodge, continue to road end, Continue NW to rejoin approach route and return. I then followed the burn to Geldie Lodge, which involved back-tracking & hag-hopping but was well worth it. Guided trail-biking and Munro bagging days In one of the more remoter corners of the Cairngorms and well away from roads, sit the lonely remains of Geldie Lodge. Just before the bridge a barrier blocks a track heading off west. Sgarsoch 1006. Fair but heavy showers on the return bike ride . Once up onto the crest, turn south and attain the summit with its small cairn. Initially, the seven or eight miles up Glen Tilt on the bike took less than an hour. 25km bike, 13km foot (15.5/8.5 miles) ascent . Your vista comprises: the Cairngorms, Lochnagar, Beinn a'Ghlo, Schiehallion, Ben Lawers, Ben Alder and the hills of Glen Feshie (to the NNE, by the Tarf Water, you can see Feith Uaine Bothy, the Tarf Hotel … In the heart of the wild country between the main Cairngorms and the Atholl ranges, few Munros can match these peaks for the feeling of solitude or open space. We left our bikes at the high point on the path to climb an Sgarsoch first (very boggy on the lower slopes). On 28 November 1666 at the eastern end of the Pentland Hills, they clashed with a superior Government army in the Battle of Rullion Green. The track is easy going to Geldie Lodge, slightly harder work on the footpath with all the drainage ditches. Glad just 2 Cairngorms to go - am a West Coast Mountain preferer! From the bealach, look left and your should be able to see a path heading uphill. You can ride almost to the summit with only the obligatory blockfield at the summit preventing you from staying on the bike. The NTS decided in 'the spirit of the long walk in' to remove the track and replace it with a narrow path. This is the summed total of all the climbing within a route and is a good indicator of the strenuousness of a route. Crossing Geldie Burn is a doddle in summer, but in spate, it will demand that you take your footwear off. Maps numbered 1 to 86 cover Scotland but for the highest mountains (Munros) only 23 maps are required. Where the access routes are few or the ridge is narrow, paths are generally obvious. It IS a long way but the walk to Geldie Lodge isn't too bad as it's easy under foot. As other comment said leave for a nice day - a rotten day would be the pits... Def take the bikes for this! Hear pronunciation Press to hear pronunciation. The name given roughly describes the area covered by the map. And Land Rover tracks did not exist then either since Land Rovers are even younger than the bicycle. The river crossing were easy as water levels low. Cycled 21 miles, walked roughly 5 - took 6 1/2 hours in all. A selection of local accommodation options who advertise with These two rounded, featureless hills are given distinction by their remoteness. more. 9 hours .

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