Yes it will certainly be a great saw for anyone including beginners. I don’t anticipate making furniture, but I’m not so willing to struggle with my tools anymore either, as I’m an older guy and a bit crabby! Should I get the smaller Bosh or dewalt over the bigger Ridgid? ?? I know I’ll also need a 1800W (or higher) power converter to step up from the 100V used in Japan to the 120V required by the saw. Table dimensions 26 in. Thanks for the reply – after writing this, I was alerted to online stock of the Dewalt with an online retailer, so I was able to snatch one up before they sold out. Coming in second place was the Makita followed by Ridgid in third, Bosch and DEWALT in fourth, SkilSaw in fifth, Hitachi in sixth, and Delta in seventh place. My question is, how well does the Skilsaw tune up and stay tuned? For each test we also recorded the “no-load” speed to capture the relative drop in rpm in the blade speed while cutting wood. However, that example represents the portable saw use within our commercial crews’ business. Its dimensions are 9.8 by 5.6 by 4.3 inches and it weighs 3.7 pounds. For example, for the Rigid saw, in the RPM-Plywood graph you show 4,350 as the No Load Spped; but in the RPM-Pressure Treated graph you show 3.650 and in the RPM-Mahogany graph you show 4,000. While TBB does not have a means to measure the accuracy of this specification, we did put this calibration plate on top of a polished granite calibration table and could not shine a light under any portion of the plate or slip the 0.001 feeler gauge under the edge. We placed the Wixey gauge on the table and calibrated the inclinometer to the table by zeroing out the gauge. I’d like the finished product of my efforts to be presentable and worthy of the time I put in, and enhance my property value and utility of the building. I turned 50 this year and really appreciate the lighter weight tools, A question: why the no-load speed for same machine is different in different table? We felt the Ridgid and Delta fences were the least impressive of the standard type. I really like the Hitachi myself but am afraid of the soft start module error. On the huge C-130 airframe this flap helped the Hercules ascend above the clouds in its decades of service as a tactical airlifter, gunship, assault plane, maritime patroller and aerial firefighter for military forces worldwide. Doesn’t seem like a lot on paper, but the differences are very obvious when ripping especially with hardwood. Thank you for your review of QUALITY products… it isn’t always about the price. Hello, and thank you very much for taking the time to conduct this amazing review of job site table saws. Heck most of us are now running some of these even smaller battery operated table saws because they are so darn portable. We are not including cordless table saws in […] Even though I requested a repair, they swapped the saw, and now Ridgid refuses to honor the Lifetime Service Agreement on the replacement. In every case, the result came out to within 0.1 degree of the prior test. We adjusted each saw after checking the blade/fence measurements and had no issues getting them adjusted (I may add some text to reinforce that in the article). I used to have a Makita table saw, with a terrible fence, unreliable ruler markings, and difficult to use blade guide that interfered with measurements, which you needed to do every time-a terrible saw, very frustrating to use. The Home Depot refused to honor the Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement. Bobby – Job site saws like the ones we reviewed in this article are built “light weight” for portability. Can anyone tell me where to get an arbor wrench for the Hitachi C10 FR jobsite table saw ? I am waiting for the testing done on the cordless saws because I am upgrading. If the fence and the miter slot were closer together at the rear of the saw, the dial indicator has a negative reading. Olson Saw 35-241 Fine Kerf Saw 35-550 42 tpi with Aluminum Thin Slot Miter Box, Slot Size .014-Inch, Slot Angles 45, 60, 90, Cutting Depth 7/8-Inch 4.3 out of 5 stars 492 $15.66 $ 15 . The flatness of the table won’t hamper any of those tasks nor make your life more difficult. I will take the results that were achieved and use them as a measurement in purchasing a new one. Pull up on the Miter Detent Lever to unlock the Table MAINTENANCE AND SERVICING and move the Table … How well does it handle getting rained on. I , and the price of the Hitachi I think we would have the perfect table saw.if only. These tests and evaluations are very difficult, take a lot of time, and ultimately limited in scope as we’re not a professional testing company and we’ve got limited time to evaluate the tools. Those really look like they are made to install on cast-iron full size saws. Below is a graph showing the weights of all the table saws including their stands. We were very careful to rotate the calibration plate by using the outside rim so as not to impart any side-to-side force on the plate that might introduce errors into the measurements. Anyways, that aside, please let me know which one you prefer of those two and why if you have a chance. Excellent article, thank you for all your hard work. Under no circumstances whatsoever will a device EVER draw more than the breaker limitation. But my question the same machine have significant difference – for example Ridgid, the no-loading speed is 4350 for polywood but 3650 for pressure treated wood. The new one is definitely better but not as good as the Delta for sure. I may put down a laminate floor in one room, and I need to convert a large closet into a room that is suitable for putting a gas water heater in. For this test SkilSaw finished in first with the lowest increased amp draw of 14%, followed by Hitachi at 58%, DEWALT at 77%, SawStop at 110%, Makita at 119%, Delta at 146%, Ridgid at 184% and Bosch at 196%. To ensure that our runout measurements were accurate, TBB used a Freud calibration plate. Product Weight 54 lb. Portable Table Saw With Stand, Skilsaw Model SPT99-12 10″ Heavy Duty Worm Drive Table Saw, Power Tool Week In Review Ep115 | Giveaways Galore, Head-to-Heads, Hitachi Battery Update - The bottom line is with a good dust extractor attached there was negligible difference between the saws. Overwhelmingly the crew really likes the rack and pinion fences that DEWALT, Hitachi and SkilSaw have on their saws. The Dewalt feels like a toy. All of the data for the table saw flatness can be found here. I really enjoyed your review and appreciate the significant time and effort put into it. I doubt if they’ve changed the design in since you got yours, but their QC may have slipped, allowing tolerances to get out of control. Unless you want to purchase a tool over and over. The ability to move the saw around on the wheels within the building will be helpful, but once it’s inside that is where it will live. Nice comparison overall. If something comes up we’ll post an update. Now that Sears is defunct (Canada), I have no other option than to replace it due to no parts being available. Those of you who sell on line know that the very uselss question, “Is it available?” Really means……”I dont really care, but I want to feel like I am able to buy this” and/or “I am really bored and I want to ‘talk’ to someone.”. But the Sawstop is simply a superior machine, which is why it’s about $800 more than a lot of these saws. The only thing I’ll mention is that you scored all the results as if they were equally important, and that’s ok for trying to arrive at a neutral test. But, because of this review I’m considering the DeWalt. Is it possible that the SkilSaw SPT99-11 and SPT99-12 have the ability to accept up to a 13/16″ dado set instead of just the 1/2″ max your review states? However, we were not able to adapt that saw to our testing rigs so we pulled it from the testing (you may see some photos with the saw but again we’re not including it in the results). After using both, I have to say that I don’t even think it’s close. I’d be glad to see a list of the testing gauges and other instruments used. If any parts are missing or broken, please call 1-888-866-5797 as soon as possible. It has the accuracy of a cast iron table, a great fence and folds up somewhat be like these jobsite saws do. Unlike the skillsaw saw that did not slow as much and did not increase amp draw as much as the others. This review I feel you miss the mark. I recently bought the $299 Ridgid as a secondary saw but returned it due to the blade defkection. No too terrible. Maybe restate it to say “13/16″, but presently comes with an insert that only allows 1/2″ ”. And so for me, there’s a number of winners to this competition, depending on how one intends to use the saw. Fence is very good; miter slots are perfectly uniform. #3 To add insult to injury, the lock that is supposed to clamp the fence slides to the racks is just a long flimsy rod that is meant to push the rail against the racks, locking them to the table. Looking to replace my aging Shopsmith with select power tools. That explains why SkilSaw put on their website (though misleadingly) the spec that says that the “maximum acceptable dado set thickness is .5″ ” It is about the table insert, NOT about the arbor length. Jeffery – As Rob explained things we had the RPM measurements running on that meter, and had to watch our video playback to evaluate the numbers (no recording of the numbers digitally). Once again our team has put some serious time and effort into our Head-to-Head evaluation to bring you the most comprehensive information available. What would be the practical effect of using a saw that had a flatness issue of up to 1/16 across the table? Do the trunions flex and cause un-even cuts? I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Frank – Like most things in life if we could take the best from each and make our own it would be great! Any of these saws I’d be happy using to do basic carpentry projects around the house. Shipping Weight 62.60 lb. We evaluated the fences and ranked them in the ergonomics section, we even did lateral load testing on them as part of that ranking. SawStop was awful about replacing mine until I made enough complaints that they finally caved in and replaced it. Yes, one could grouse about the no load speeds referenced, but no big deal in my view. I’ve recently read that SawStop has released a new model of their jobsite saw that has a larger table. Bradley – We use both quite a bit and I don’t notice any real difference in the fences. Well these really are not for “wood working”…really designed for job site use. Scott take a look at sawstop’s contractor model with it’s mobile base. I am a diyer, not a pro. +1 for looking at Harbor Freight. I ended up buying the SawStop Jobsite Pro (the newer model) primarily for safety reasons. Upon closer scrutiny… the order of “No Load” RPMs used in first chart may have been used in all subsequent charts. I discovered an online manual for the SPT99-12 and was able to ferret out the answer to my first question, above. Rack and pinion fences are quicker to adjust, hold in place better during cuts, and provide better accuracy. #1 There is no lock for the blade height adjustment. I know it isn’t a cabinet saw, but with the precision measurements, the review can answer what the saw is capable of. The only thing (IMO) that you’ve overlooked is VALUE – where price is factored in. We cannot do longer term testing that would shed light on durability and we can’t possibly test every application that you might use of one of these saws for. Designate a work area that is clean and well lit. 550 lb. In the next test we measured blade speed cutting 2x pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine decking. Did I somehow miss it? I was so blown away buy your website that I sat up last night, read the whole thing on each saw. Noted that the no-load amperages changed from one set of data (cut-type) to another for some of the saws. I dont have the best of wiring so I need a soft start I guess to say cause the lights dim some when I turn my other saws or drill press on. Most of the jobsite saws are a light weight cast aluminum top, and NOT machined flat. As the operator faces the saw, we measured the flatness at the arbor from front-to-rear; we measured the left-to right flatness at the arbor; we measured the flatness from the upper left-to-lower right table corners; and, finally, we measured the upper right-to-lower left flatness between the corners. Trying to nail down a price for an article is nearly impossible. Have you looked at “contractor” style saws? TBB noticed that in the initial saws, the movements were sufficiently small to need the smaller metric units. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Having read this article before, I came back and couldn’t find where you guys mentioned anything about the dimensions of the tables of these jobsite saws. If you do I’d love to see how!! It was a nice saw with a nice sized table, not heavy, and a stand that separated and folded like an accordion. totally agree – but todays ABS plastic is pretty durable. Ore important to a pro user is tool able to be adjusted to be near perfect and how does it hold this position. When it comes to stands it’s a much harder conversation. In this use case, if the saw is immediately put into use, success depends upon the out-of-the-box accuracy from the manufacturer. I just bought this saw based mostly on its #1 overall ranking. Again the SawStop had a perfect reading right out of the box and the Ridgid needs some extra calibration in order to get the blade more parallel to the miter slot. Again, many thanks for the great review. Is it perfect? We carry zero clearance throat plates for many table saws and miter Saws. And now, you guessed it, the motor is failing in the replacement saw. There’s a lot to be said for this class of table saws for folks who don’t necessarily care about the portability, but who have small workshops with limited storage. 1. It may not be a contractor or cabinet saw but it sure cuts mighty fine. The Hitachi, Delta and SkilSaw could use some calibration. For me personally, if we need a very accurate cut, we might use a track saw for example, or maybe even bring something back to the shop. Thank you very much for conducting such a thorough review on the saws involved. We used our as-measured no-load speeds instead of the published values from the manufacturers. 3-1/8 in. This device has an accuracy of 0.1 degree. If you’re building furniture I’d recommend a contractor style saw at the minimum, or if you can afford/have space a cabinet saw. I am retired now and have been researching these types of saws as I wish to begin doing some building of storage shelves and deck furniture. I don’t think it would hold up well long to long term professional use. I looked at the Delta Unisaw that you referred to in one of the comments, however it seems to be in a different, much larger category. If this is the case for a saw, the quality of the cuts and more importantly, the potential safety of the operator is going to be a function of the as-shipped accuracy of the saw from the manufacturer. Once again I’ll stick by the fact that we publish all the data so you can make your own rankings. Take the survey! These are quality tools and I have check some of the table saw carefully and really these look durable and I wish I will buy one from the list. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Now, one minor disappointment… I too had heard that pro’s were starting to trust the new Hercules table saw from HF. Thank you to Todd and crew for all of this evaluarion. The only thing that prevents sideways motion of the fence relative to the rack and frame is a sloppy slot that fits over a pin on the front and back slides. The main problem is that the rip fence just sits on top of the slides and is only prevented from moving laterally by a couple of stamped steel hooks that drop over pins keyed into T-slots in the slides. This review could not have been found at a better time. The saw was pretty well calibrated out of the box but I fine tuned it a bit getting the blade to miter slot distance to within .004″. On page 46 of that manual, these words are found: “The SPT99 table saw can accommodate dado cutting up to 13/16″ wide in a single pass. The best overall performance in our testing was the Skilsaw SPT99-12. Alan – Honestly, we will likely never include HF tools in our evaluations. The first graph below shows the amp draw for each saw cutting plywood compared to the no-load amp draw. Note that Todd.took the time to respond to a vague question from PearlGirl. I have been running my Skilsaw now for about 3 months and it has been excellent. First experience I’ve had that’s made me swear off a brand.hope this will save some one from wasting money and time. x 13-3/8 in. These table saws are all probably made in China where there’s apparently no meaningful out-going quality control. We attached the gauge to the blade and used the saw mechanism to adjust the blade incline to the point at which the blade or trunnion hit the factory-set 45 degree stop and recorded the measurement. Your strengths are that you actually use these machines, so your strengths are to BE MORE opinionated or biased not less because your opinion has meaning or weight. We analyzed the data from the tests and ranked these saws for as-built accuracy. What if a contractor uses their job site saw for high quality built-ins or high tolerance finished cuts? for accuracy all the units you tested have comments ranging from great to truly awful. I am torn between the new DeWalt saw and the Bosch Saw. Thanks for the feedback. It’s stats show it is a solid performer, though pricey, but others (Hitachi, DeWalt) ended up having issues. How would the saws in the TBB Head To Head test compare to each other? The motor isn’t going to fix this. 2) blade runout – this is important to me because I want to use the saw for finish cuts. The same iGauging dial indicator provided the test measurements, only this time, the units were set to read out in mm. The meters were in constant motion and we took the reading off of a single video frame that represented our determination of no-load speeds. For this evaluation, we broke things into several categories including: Precision & Accuracy, Performance (power), Price, and Ergonomics. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ergonomically enhanced tools can include helpful features such as angled handles, riving knives, safety switches, and non-slip coatings. I wanted to know which saw you prefer and why? A hearty 3/8” tempered glass top lies atop the titanium flap creating the perfect blend of interior and exterior styling. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Many sources online point to minimal startups of the Hitachi c10rj before becoming unusable (not starting). Also, if it did need tuning the access points to do so are extremely easy to use. The Skilsaw was described by many of the TBB crew as a beast and the data reinforces that. Many thanks and great job! Role: Military transport aircraft Ergonomics is the science of designing and producing tools that improve a worker’s efficiency while reducing discomfort, fatigue, and risk of injury. We are not including cordless table saws in this test as we plan on doing another head-to-head exclusively for cordless table saws later this year as several are available now. I bought it a year and a half ago and it’s a piece of crap. Use saw horses or supports if necessary. If we were a full blown testing lab we’d have the data recorded digitally and take full blow averages, but alas we are not. The Dewalt seems fine for rough work, and the Hitachi seems like a great option for the homeowner on a budget. In a very close race for the best table saw Hitachi beat out the DEWALT which came in second place followed by Skilsaw in third and Makita in fourth. Following in second place is the Hitachi C10RJ and the DEWALT DWE7491RS in third place. It’s been a toss-up between the DeWalt and the Metabo for me, biggest factor being that the DeWalt is completely sold out in our area within 600+ miles, so I feel like picking up the Metabo just to have something for an upcoming project, but don’t want to be disappointed down the road. To put things into perspective, a regular full-size table saw still needs 2 people or additional supports to rip a 4X8 sheet of plywood or really long boards. In this application I doubt it. I bought one for my nephew. Smaller, portable table saws have direct-drive motors that operate on 120 V power at 2 HP. No….is a 10% difference a big deal? I see three categories at least. We only tested them using all new blades from the same manufacturer to eliminate the blade performance. Product Width 26.75 in.,, Thanks for the work you put in on this. Stop, Blade Parallel to Miter Slot, Fence Parallel to Miter Slot, and Blade Runout. Sure that may be important to some, but we’re so used to working on smaller saws in the field that it isn’t a huge deal. TBB measured the accuracy of the factory-set 90 degree stop by using a Wixey WR365 digital inclinometer. But for others, maybe this is their only option and they want something more accurate like a shop saw. Again Todd, thanks to you and your team, great work!! Our TBB crew all helped rank each of the table saws for the ergonomics categories that we defined. So I’m just wondering if this Hitachi table saw be a good saw for the beginner? I hope next time I will get more content about the circular saw. Absolutely fantastic testing, wonderful, thank you. I wasn’t too concerned about its low out-of-the-box accuracy scores since I always tune for best accuracy anyway. The accuracy and safety of any given saw is dependent upon the blade being parallel to the rip fence. Typically values below 0.005″ are considered very good. Peter – The Metabo HPT is a good saw, I’m sure the updated model likely addressed some issues they were having with a previous version (only speculating). Also, you ought to include a test of how parallel the miter slots are to eachother. Lastly, for lots of guys they are transitioning to track saws for work that requires a really precise cuts or they cut critical pieces in the shop. You can see my shop here: where I use a Delta Unisaw and it’s exceptional. Ended up giving up and headed to buy another saw. 8 in. Ripping down trim, cutting flooring, ripping framing materials, things of that nature. I’m weighing the pros and cons of several of the saws in the tests and trying to decide which is more suitable. Jason – Thank you along with several others for pointing out this issue. The rest of the saws had fairly significant increases in amp draw with DEWALT at 32%, Delta at 42%, Bosch at 55%, Makita at 61%, SawStop at 79% and Ridgid at 120%. The drop in blade speed is fairly small ranging from 6% for Hitachi and Ridgid, 7% for Makita and SawStop, 9% Bosch, 11% DEWALT, 14% SkilSaw, and 24% for the Delta. His focus is home projects so AMP draw (lol…) was an ultimate decision factor for me. It’s a terrible design anyway, because even if the fit was nice and snug when new, continually removing and replacing the fence will quickly wear the slots, resulting in a lot of fence slop. I answer “why do you ask? Hammer time!! The new Skilsaw stand is great for mobility with the big wheels. We have parts, diagrams, accessories and repair advice to help make your tool repairs easy. So it’s hard to say…they all had similar cut performance with good blades. I too have used Harbor Freight tools from time to time. They’ve hurt themselves with a legacy of cheap tools – but they have new lines for almost all power and air tools that are really top-notch stuff. For brute production, lots and lots of rough work, it looks like the DeWalt or Skilsaw is your best bet. For each of these categories we’ll rank the saws and at the end we’ll name the Best Portable Jobsite Table Saw based on all the results combined. Brad – Won’t be anytime soon. Another really nice value is the Ridgid that’s currently selling for $399 including the stand. The C-130 Hercules Coffee Table is a one-of-a-kind piece of custom furniture that instantly injects character into any space. This miter saw is a product from Hercules manufacturers. When does blade runout become a factor? If I used one of these converters, would it significantly underpower the saw or would it work more or less as described? As far as table size we didn’t compare the actual size. I ended up getting the Sawstop Pro (the newer model) because safety was of paramount importance. Really helpful for us. I have recently bought a Dewalt JOBSITE TABLE SAW 32″. However, one issue I’ve wondered about and really haven’t found addressed anywhere is whether (other than just differences in rated HP or the ability to be converted to also run on 220V AC current) there are any important differences between the motors that get supplied with these saws vs. the motors that are supplied with contractor or hybrid table saws? How did you acquire the machines? You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. i found that moving the non adjustable rear clamp needs to be moved up 2" from the center of the original screw hole. As you can see above the runout ranges from 0.00079 for the DEWALT and SawStop all the way up to 0.0126 for the SkilSaw. So after looking at the Jet saw and considering the options and work I’m doing I plan to go ahead with the Dewalt saw. For this Head-to-Head we’re focusing on corded portable 10″ jobsite table saws. Ultimately everyone needs to choose a tool based on their specific needs, uses, and budget. Also, I’m trying to decide between the DeWalt & the SkilSaw if I install on it the Incra TS-LS fence system I have. This is a very thorough comparison. It runs at 4,100 rpm and uses 15 amps. Very thorough I especially appreciate the focus on accuracy and run out. I realize this is an older article, but felt compelled to share my thoughts. Saws like this: I can fix this, but it’s going to take a little mill and lathe work to do it. The motor in my Ridgid table saw burned up in less than a year, even though I “babied” the saw. My Sears Craftsmen portable saw died on me last week. 1. For each of the sections tested, I. E. Table flatness, miter to blade, miter to fence, etc. I can’t say enough avoid this headache. It has a powerful history and within the context of a home or office it will raise the room aesthetic to new heights. All of the tops are lighter weight materials like cast aluminum and not cast iron. Like many things, these more “compact”, “portable” saws don’t offer all the adjustments that nicer cabinet saws offer. Any preference for a dry market/long reach pencil? All theses kizmos are for the manufacturers to hype. I like the idea of having the saw/stand package that fold in the shop instead of a small compact saw. Thank you for sharing this great info. But at the end of the day price is certainly a factor. I almost bought that hitachi until I looked at it in Lowe’s and some of the parts were broken off on the display model. Thanks Vince…..the trouble is this….all of us are full time contractors and it’s a struggle to keep up with all the tools sent to us to test, let alone trying to revisit tools later. I want to put a french door in a hallway to divide the hall for heating purposes. The 1/2″ max seems a weird anomaly as compared to all other saws in the class. Paul – Great question. For me this is very important. DUST COLLECTION! At the end of the video you talked about longevity…. I have learned that even though the insert part number is in the manual, it is not being sold yet, but is expected to be on the market soon. On my saw, with everything locked down solid, the fence rattles around loose on top of the table and has 1/16” sideways slop due to the sloppy fit of the slots over the pins. The designer made sure you can’t do that with the rip fence on the Hitachi saw. I appreciate the response but I seriously doubt that. AC Volts 120 Accessories Included 12 in. Very well put together guys! I’m not even sure how you’d install that aftermarket fence on these saws. I’m hoping to hire someone to replace the shower stall and build a custom stall in the odd shaped space available, however I would not be surprised if there was no one willing to take on the headache, and so may do that myself. It’s hard to put a price on safety and while the SawStop costs more than 3 times what the Hitachi costs it does offer safety that no other saw in test can offer. Just my 2 cents. For any difficulty using this site with a screen reader or because of a disability, please contact us at 1-800-444-3353 or [email protected] For California consumers: more information about our privacy practices.more information about our privacy practices. Sorry. The Bosch seems to be a good saw with it as well but, short warranty??? Maximized for accuracy and capacity, this 8-1/4 in. David – Great questions. Is there any difference in the table saw now or is this just inflation? While a response was given to Todd, jt wasnt until 2 weeks later. Having said that, we all really like the style that Dewalt and Hitachi use. Study: Nineteen patients with active CD and 7 healthy individuals were recruited in this study. Having said that, the Bosch saws are great. The closest HD where I can get it is over 100 miles away (I’m in a small remote town)so I’ll plan to pick one up there, I can select a box that has not been damaged, and avoid potential shipping damage woes. From what I read I seen that the ones made there is better than the ones in japan. Below we’ve included the current pricing (at the time of publishing this article). However this applies very little force and with one finger I can move the fence back and forth through the full backlash of the pinion and rack mesh, which is about another 1/16”.

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