She was scouted when her mother and she attended an event ... Born in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture and raised in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture until grade five Mizuno Miki moved to Fukuoka for grade six where she remained until ending junior high school. Aragaki Yui. Like most Japanese female celebrities she has modelled, acted, sang and represented companies in commercials and advertisements. It's been over two decades since Shelley Blond debuted her sultry voice to the world as the first actress to voice Lara… Her first single was called Otoko No Ko Ni Naritai ('I Want To Be A Boy') and was issued in February of 1987. What makes them special is their young, hot look, hot appearance and greatest of all the accompanying acting talents that help them to withstand their position. She won the Grand Prix at the 3rd Miss Tokyo Walker and soon obtained a supporting role in the 2002 horror film, Dark Water. Later on she studied Hangul for a role. In recent years, Yui Hori created, and voices, the Miss Monochrome character; the anime of the same name has had three short-form series thus far. Her aunt ran a retail food business in Aoyama, Tokyo and had a photo of her by the register. (Female) Which female Seiyuu voiced you? Miyuki Sawashiro has been active since 1999. She travelled to and lived in Hyogo Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture and Taiwan as a child due to her father's work. Actor. 櫻井孝宏(Takahiro Sakurai) did female roles in MUSASHI -GUN道- and それでも町は廻っている. She moved forward to other movies and TV serials and has been active since. #31 Yasumoto Hiroki 114 votes #32 Genda Tessho 106 votes #33 Hoshi Souichiro 104 votes #34 Taniyama Kisho 101 votes #35 Okamoto Nobuhiko 96 votes #36 Nakao Ryusei 89 votes #37 Terashima Takuma 88 votes #38 Utsumi Kenji 87 votes #39 Horie Kazuma 81 votes #40 Wakamoto Norio 79 votes My favorite Japanese voice actors are too many same as dubbed actors. This is a list of voice actresses that record their voice in Japanese anime! Kana "Hatena" Hoshisato (星里 果菜 Hoshisato Kana) is the main female protagonist of Hatena Illusion. She began her acting career in 1983... She debuted as a Japanese Idol and singer using the Kinouchi Miho alias in 1990. She has gone on to do multiple ... Uchida Yuki was born in Tokyo. She began working at age sixteen in 1991 and subsequently skipped ... Actress | She played basketball at high school. They may not be mainstream celebrities but they receive recognition, especially during these times. One of them is Fish Eye in Sailor Moon. Prior to that she was a ... Asano Atsuko, not to be confused by the writer of the same name, was born in Adachi in Northern Tokyo. Her music was classified as J-pop. Japanese actors are celebrities today enjoying a luxurious life which is made possible through their hard work in the industry. Iijima Naoko hails from Yokohama, Japan's second largest city, where she was born. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this article. The Tokyo born Mizuki Arisa is both an actress and J-pop singer who has done modelling as well as represented corporations in commercials and advertising for their products. Written by Timi Ofarn I like to think back to the anime shows I used to watch when I didn’t know what anime was, and how they affected me growing up. Please be sure to show the ladies some R-E-S-P-E-C-T as well by checking out the Top 10 Favorite Female Seiyu (Voice Actors… These women are famous because they love voicing cartoon characters that can relate to them! Her birth name was Matsue Ookubo, but she would later also use Ai Candy and Mitsuko Ishii as stage names. Cutey Girl: Bishôjo bowler kiki ippatsu. I have to say that they are considered celebrities in Japan. The former thread is "Who Are Your Favorite Dubbed Voice Actors",so I have created this thread. Hirugao: Heijitsu gogo 3 ji no koibitotachi. She attended Fujimura Women's High School and fenced as an activity. Kana Hanazawa has been active as a voice actress since 2003, and as a singer since 2012. @nyanchan22 During elementary school she participated in the Junior Olympics as a swimmer. Her real name is Ooishi Suzuka, but she chose her alias to synchronize with her older sister. She has been in TV serials and movies without pause ever since and came to most people's attention through NHK's series Asuka serial of 1999. Written by Tundun Folami When it comes to horror anime and manga there is probably no name as prolific as Junji Ito. Compare to when she's played older women and it still isn't even remotely close to the same. Yui Horie has featured in recent anime such as Black Bullet, as Kisara Tendou, and Golden Time, as female lead Koko Kaga. A music company employee noticed the photograph and ... Asami was born in Kyoto and raised in Ibaraki, Osaka. Next up, meet the extraordinary Aragaki Yui, who possesses a rare natural beauty that … She had won a Aya Brea Look-Alike contest in 2000. She ... Actress | Reportedly, many people in her area pointed the scout to her house and the man made a house call. She auditioned for a remake called Eden No Umi at age fifteen and obtained a minor role. There are a lot of them. Japanese voice actresses by prefecture‎ (39 C) Pages in category "Japanese voice actresses" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 986 total. 10 December 1933. While at high school in 2001 she was picked to do PR and be the face for ... Onodera Kumiko was born in Fujinomiya. Japanese Female Voice Actors. Years active-1990–present.… Scroll down for all upcoming releases — including Hunter x Hunter, High School DxD, Golden Kamuy, and more! She is fluent in English and Japanese. She was athletic during her school days and participated in several sports. Mako Iwamatsu. and released her first photo book on … Kimiko Glenn was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, where she grew up with her sister Amanda, and parents Mark and Sumiko. She moved to Tokushima Prefecture, as her father was a chemistry teacher and also had to consider his health, and subsequently to Iwaki in the northern prefecture of Fukushima as a child and remained until graduation. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Background 4 Etymology Kana has waist-length dark brown hair that has bangs hanging over her forehead and fuschia colored eyes. Since anime is such a deep and powerful industry, you can imagine the need and competition of extremely talented voice actors. Voice Actor. Born Yamase Hiromi, she is a Japanese actress, writer, singer, gravure and AV idol from Kashiwazaki City in Niigata Prefecture. Zero Woman: Keishichô 0-ka no onna. She used the Nori-P (later also the name of a character she illustrated and marketed) ... Kudoh Yuki is an accomplished Japanese singer, former teen idol and actress whose resume includes more than half a dozen records, starring roles in Japanese, Japan-Iran and Japan-Canada films, stage and anime productions. Kana Hanazawa has been active as a voice actress since 2003, and as a singer since 2012. 5 Japanese Anime Voice Actors Who Look Nothing Like You Think — 7 Comments bakafish on 05/21/2014 at 6:18 pm said: Ginko’s voice actor (From Mushishi) is a girl as well. Occupation- Actor ,voice actor,singer. She returned ... Toda Erika was born in Kobe in central Japan on August 17th 1988. Aya Brea ... Hirugao: Heijitsu gogo 3 ji no koibitotachi. Disagree with our choices? She posts a ton of selfies and 1.5m followers. [citation needed] We won’t be surprised if you’re familiar with the name Haruna Kojima — the 28 year-old actress, model, singer, and idol just recently ‘graduated’ from Japanese idol group AKB48. Romi Park is NOT Kayle, I'm 99% certain. Find out more about the greatest Japanese Voice Actors, including Makoto Shinkai, Mamoru Miyano, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Tomokazu Sugita and Takehito Koyasu. Agreed. Notable video game roles include Marie in Persona 4 Golden and Persona Q, and Mayuri Shiina in Steins;Gate; both of these roles were reprised in the anime adaptations. Born-June 8, 1983 (age 34),Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Her father committed suicide in 1998. It is worth mentioning that some anime fans outside Japan use the Japanese term seiyū (声優) rather than "voice actor" when referring to the Japanese voice actors, in order to differentiate between the "original" voice and the voice actors doing dubbed versions of a show. Whether it was watching Ash... UK Anime Release Schedule | Hunter x Hunter, Highschool DxD and more! If you love Dragon Ball, you don’t wonder who is the person at the recording studio screaming Kamehameha. More recently, she voiced Bishamon, as a recurring character in the first season, and main in the second season, of Noragami. Most notably, she is the voice of Madoka Kaname in the Puella Magi Madoka Magica television anime and the films. Subcategories. Her parent ran a soba noodle restaurant. This category has the following 117 subcategories, out of 117 total. Anime to watch this Halloween: Junji Ito Collection. Not only that some of these women if you recognize them by their name, are not only Japanese but English as well! Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Her CD debut came in 1993. as... Actress | * Signatures of voice actresses from Japan‎ (11 F) She’s the voice of fan-favourite character Chie Satonaka from Persona 4, in both the video game and anime adaptations, alongside its spin-offs. She had a 1994 album, called Doushiyoumonai Watashi ... Fukuoka born Sakai Noriko initiated her career at age 15 in 1986. Looking for the perfect gift for the anime/video game fan in your life? She began her career as a fashion and gravure model and became known in cinema through her role in Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla. Karen Fukuhara is a Japanese-American actress from Los Angeles, California. She had a credited role for the movie Fumiko To Hatsu the next ... Seto Asaka was born Ieda Megumi in Seto, Aichi Prefecture. She debuted at 13 in an ad for home builder's Asahi Kasei's Hebel Haus in 1997. Her alias is obviously borrowed from her birthplace. She was chosen Miss Campus for a Japanese magazine while still in college. [NOTE: Contains a lot of VAs but might have missed a few] 877 people diagnosed 0 Voice Seiyuu Tweets Daily results Result patterns 849: It sounds nothing like her, not even like it's within her discernible range of her voice. This list will be updated freguently while actors are added to the wiki. Famous People From Japan. Her father was from Hokkaido in northern ... Born in Saitama just north of Tokyo in 1980, Takeuchi Yuko began acting with a role in Fuji TV's Cyborg in 1996. Airi Matsui, born on December 26, 1996, is a Japanese idol, model and actress. She has also voiced Hana Oshiroi in Ben-to, Komachi Hikigaya in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, and Varel Jin in Blade & Soul. Notable roles include that of Kaori Fukimiya in One Week Friends, Jin Hazuki in Blade & Soul, and Elizabeth Lyonesse in The Seven Deadly Sins. Between 2001 and ... Shizuoka City native Hirose Suzu was born four years following her model and actress sister, Alice Hirose. She began ... Born Tademaru Aya in Asaminami Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture in March 1985, Ayase Haruka is a former gravure idol who went on to become a mainstream model, singer and actress. She currently endorses Ghana. Calling all Dragon Ball Super fans!To celebrate our release of The Dragon Ball Super Complete Collection, we asked MasakoX to put together a quiz that tests the knowledge of Super fans! As a child she would walk along the ocean at Yamashita Park and enjoy the views. Hiroshi Kamiya and Kana Hanazawa topped the Charapedia website's fan poll of favorite voice actors this past spring. Pokémon, Digimon, Shaman King, Dragon Ball Z, and Sailor Moon ruled my Saturday mornings! She has acted in films and television as well. Tell us what you think about this feature. While her official first acting credit dates back to Audrey (Ôdorî ) in 2000 she truly began her career four years later. Hire voice actor Professional Female Japanese Voices And Translatio From Japan and get professional voice over for your project. She is a consistent fan-favourite and has appeared in many anime and video games over the years. She was born in Mobara, central Chiba Prefecture and began working in the entertainment industry at age eighteen in 2001. But be warned, because as MasakoX himself says "If you think this quiz is super... With the Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray releases on the way, we take a look at our favourite battles from Dragon Ball Z. She is a martial arts champion, trained in karate and sword fighting. Eriko rose to fame when she joined the popular TV show "Go with the Wild!" From Anime to e-learning and narrations, we've found you the best Japanese voice actors online. They are almost considered idols with their huge fan base in and out of Japan. Yui Horie has been active since 1997 and is both a voice actress and singer-songwriter. Voice acting in Japan is a fine art. Famous Japanese Voice Actors. These women have also record their voice for films, and video games as well! We deliver voices fast & affordably with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The Chiba, Japan-born Ogura Yuko is a Japanese actress, voice actor, radio personality, television hostess, product spokeswoman, former gravure Idol and model. Her mother Norika is a businesswoman. 石田彰(Akira Ishida) played as females in many anime. Many of the same voice actors … Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. Not to begrudge their female counterparts for trailing behind this article, there are a number of professional female voice actors who voice acted in some of the popular Japanese anime cartoons. As it’s International Women’s Day this month, we thought now is a great time to share with you our favourite Japanese voice actresses! But hold up! The Chiba, Japan-born Ogura Yuko is a Japanese actress, voice actor, radio personality, television hostess, product spokeswoman, former gravure Idol and model. Her notable anime roles include Onodera Kosaki in Nisekoi, Akane Tsunemori in Psycho-Pass, and Kanade Tachibana in Angel Beats! She came in second in the confectionary ... Actress | Her parents set up a company to support her career, but ended up quarreling and in court. She used the intermediate period with gravure adult and other fashion modelling from age thirteen. There is not much that makes Kashiwazaki famous, except the worrying presence of a nuclear power plant, but the city has Mihiro Tangicuhi a.k.a. Kana Hanazawa. simply Mihiro. Then look no further, below we have some of the latest and greatest stories and experiences from Japan! Unlike most of her ex-members, Haruna has more of a mature and sophisticated vibe. No matter sort of project you are auditiong for we can help. She is the daughter of Mamoru Hoshisato and Maeve Hoshisato, the niece of Mariah Grene and the older sister of Yumemi Hoshisato. Make sure you let us know your favourites via Twitter and Facebook. Don't think for one second that the anime world only revolves around these boys to men! She was recognized by the Japanese Academy ... Moriguchi Hiroko was born as Hanamura Hiromi in Fukuoka City in the southern prefecture of Fukuoka, Japan. She began acting with an ... Ishida Yuriko was born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Japanese male voice actors by prefecture‎ (39 C) Pages in category "Japanese male voice actors" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 725 total. She was born in Mobara, central Chiba Prefecture and began working in the entertainment industry at age eighteen in 2001. She is a consistent fan-favourite and has appeared in many anime and video games over the years. She was only seventeen when she was working overseas, in the USA, filming a ... Born in Tokyo Kikuchi Momoko was discovered in the city in 1982 and began working first on television and then as a singer in the following years. She had a strict upbringing and saw her parents divorce when she was eight. Can you believe this was spoken by a man? For exaple, Toru Furuya, Akira Kamiya, Kazuhiko Inoue,Nobuyuki Hiyama , Tomokazu Seki, Hikaru Midorikawa, Takehito Koyasu, Jun Fukuyama, Takahiro Sakurai and etc (men). She trained in dancing and singing at ... Born Hiramaru Kumiko in Chiba Prefecture's Sanbu-gun (now separated into Sanmushi and rural Sanbu-gun), which is next door to Narita, Japan on the 17th of June 1978, Kumiko Aso began her film career with 1995's Bad Guy Beach despite a lack of interest in acting at the time. Her family moved to Tokyo soon after. Her talent agency is Amuse, Inc. She used to be a member of the Japanese idol group Sakura Gakuin. She was discovered by a talent scout during her third year of junior high school. She started doing theater when she was ten years old at Valley Youth Theatre and there, began developing her love for performing.Halfway through her freshman year of college at ... Kumamoto City-born Shimada Yoko is best known in the west as Mariko from the 1980 mini-series Shogun. Top 20 Most Handsome, Hottest, and Talented Japanese Actors She won the Golden Globe For Best Performance by an Actress in a... Iijima Ai was born in Koto Ward, Tokyo. She voiced Perrine H. Clostermann in both seasons of Strike Witches, and the movie. This is a complete list of Japanese voice actors that's currently on our wiki. She studied Chinese and English at university. She had a troubled childhood, according to her autobiography, where she hated her parents so much that she ran away from her home and lives on the ... Born Fujima Takako in Tokyo in 1977, she found herself in a family of actors and actresses including her kabuki artist father, uncle and brother, a sister who would act in movies and would eventually marry a man from the entertainment industry. It was said that her her personality and image were different than the standard one for an Idol, which lead to a relative lack of success. Upon birth and as a child she needed constant blood dialysis. Aoi Yuuki, born Aoi Yabusaki, has been active since 1996 – however, her first anime role was in 2003. She was scouted at her part-time job. One-time volleyball player, model, television personality and actress the Shimane-born Esumi Makiko retired at age 50 in 2017 citing a desire to concentrate on her family in general and children in particular, but magazines reported that the decision came amidst news of an extramarital affair and ... Born in Shizuoka City in Shizuoka Prefecture Sakai Miki made her debut in Shunji Iwai's Love Letter in 1995, was a hit and won the Newcomer Of The Year at the Japanese Academy Award as a result. She has been... Eriko made her acting debut at age 14 in the highly acclaimed Asian feature film, "Flowerly Afternoon," which was directed by Kazuki Omori, best known in the U.S. for his work with the famous "Godzilla" television series. As it’s International Women’s Day this month, we thought now is a great time to share with you our favourite Japanese voice actresses! While attending UCLA, she continued to work on numerous shows in Japan, notably the Disney Channel. On top of this, she is the current voice of popular character Sinon in Sword Art Online and Fujiko Mine from the Lupin III franchise. Osaka native Kinami Haruka graduated from Takarazuka High School and went on to obtain an Arts degree from Kokugakuin University of Tokyo. 17 September 1986. Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Actresses in 2018 - Fantastic88 However, most people never really think about the people behind the voices of their favorite anime characters. She was the youngest of four sisters. HOT; Creators; Tweets; Log in; Japanese Voice Actress! The lady-in-waiting role created an interest in Japan and its culture overseas and introduced Japanese history to foreign audiences. It was 1998's Dr. Akagi,... Shaku Yumiko was born in Tokyo. Get ready for some anime goodness! We represent some of the Japan's best voice actors, and now you can have them record using our online voice over service. Sora Amamiya has been active since 2012, but, despite sporting a much smaller filmography than others, she is an excellent voice actress.

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