Did these facts make you want to go there even more? Switzerland may have some of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, but its citizens get value for money. Well, when it comes to the best time to visit Switzerland, we’ve got you covered with our month-by-month weather guide for…, Post Summary: The Best Hikes in Switzerland (Easy to Hard) Hiking in Switzerland rightfully makes many traveler’s bucket lists. It enjoyed worldwide fame from the 1960s onwards. Citizens can propose changes to any level of Swiss law. There isn’t one, so stop dreaming. It is also one of the most expensive places in the world and an ideal destination to indulge in luxuries. A referendum to bring animal lawyers to the federal level in 2010 was rejected. The Toblerone is based on the Matterhorn, 24. Talk about bad luck. Fun Facts about the United Kingdom. Or just take this coupon for your first stay! Switzerland’s power grid is about 56% hydroelectric and 39% nuclear as of 2008, meaning that it has one of the most ecologically-friendly power grids in the world. It may have a small population, but that’s possibly down to the fact that most of Switzerland is mountainous. 122. Then after they escape, they were chased by Julius Caesar’s armies and had to return to the Plateau. bern.com/en/detail/albert-einsteins-city#:~:text=WhatsApp-,Einstein%20Museum,history%20of%20the%2020th%20century. It’s not the capital either. Zurich and Geneva are among the top ten most livable cities in the world. In Switzerland, you’re never more than 16km (10 miles) away from a lake. Some 530,000 people in Switzerland are listed as living on the poverty line, based on a monthly income of CHF2,219 ($2,275.40) for single people and CHF4,031 for families of two adults and two children. The share of the population living in urban centres has risen from 36% in 1930 to 85% today. Do you know the population of New York City? As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Starbucks was selected as a factor in the Index as it is the most most widely available, premium-priced coffee chain the world over, and as such offers an interesting economic barometer between countries. We say that with admiration. Most countries in the world go for the old rectangle design, but Switzerland is one of only two countries in the world to rock a square-shaped flag; the other is Vatican City. In Switzerland, it is illegal to deny that the holocaust happened. You can find them here: It wasn’t until after a vote in 1990 in the Swiss canton (like a county) of Appenzell Innerrhoden – the country’s smallest – that the Swiss government finally allowed women to vote on local issues in the canton, that is. We all knew that Switzerland was neutral, but did you know for how long? Switzerland is, indeed, a country of wonders. The Swiss population consumes 36 liters of wine, 56.5 liters of beer, and 8.4 liters of pure alcohol per person per year. This right was exercised when authorities banned Swiss musician Christine Lauterburg from calling her daughter ‘Lexicon’ (an ‘object’, not a name); ‘Djonatan’ (the phonetic spelling of Jonathan) also got the thumbs down, as did ‘J’ as a child’s fourth name based on the potential for it to be misunderstood and pronounced incorrectly in German (as ‘yot’ and not ‘Jay’ as intended). Beautiful I love Switerzland more then my life The difference in the price of a Grande Latte ranged from £1.21 in Brazil to £5.72 in Switzerland, nearly a 400% price increase. We imagine this is the result of that direct democracy thing, but honestly, yes: animals are entitled to lawyers (and legal advice?) The earliest known form of fondue is “Käss mit Wein zu kochen” – literally “cheese cooked with wine.” This dates back to 1699 in Zurich, and the recipe is simple – melt cheese, add wine, dip bread. Switzerland's official name is still the "Swiss Confederation". How To: Get a Work Visa in Switzerland, I am from switzerland, if you give me a child you can live and work in the swiss.. sounds great right? Switzerland has more high peaks than any other country in Europe with 48 that are above 4000 meters. But better don’t ask an American. Well, not entire countries, but there are some real tiny parts of other countries (known as enclaves) located inside Switzerland. In 2017 statistics, Switzerland’s unemployment rate amounted to around only 4.8%. 3 Answers. Shouldn’t it be .sw or .sz or something? Comparing it to U.S. states, California is almost 10 times bigger than Switzerland or nearly the size of Vermont and New Hampshire combined. But before such an election can be called, the concerned citizens must be able to get 50,000 signatures challenging the law. Some 9.7% of the Swiss population cannot afford a week’s holiday abroad – the European average is 36.9%. It collects melting water from the surrounding glaciers and can hold up to 400 billion liters of water. You might know it; it’s called CERN. Here are some facts about Switzerland: Around 8 million people live in Switzerland. Now, download our e-book with 77 interesting facts about Switzerland: alpenwild.com/staticpage/history-of-chocolate-in-switzerland/#:~:text=Annual%20revenues%20of%20chocolate%20production,and%2061%25%20is%20sold%20abroad. These are some Switzerland culture facts, their quirks, inventions, and more. They rank second and eighth on the list, respectively. We don’t claim to have been to every beautiful city in the world but have done our fair share…, We’ve been on a mission to explore some of the smallest countries in the world. Cancer was responsible for another 26% of deaths. Tech 6 Ways Switzerland Is Helping to Fight Climate Change. Of course, they’re going to live long having in mind the cleanliness of the air, the abundance of walking trails, and the availability of high-quality health care. Its flag is square. Formed in 2011, their beef is that PowerPoint presentations – and other electronic presentation software – cause more damage than benefit, an estimated 2.1 billion Swiss francs. 5. It’s over 8.6 million. Relatively, Switzerland has a pretty small population. this country is so interesting hope i can visit this country later.the facts that this country have many nature scenery make me more love this country. https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-21379912, thinksport.org/media/document/0/2016_06_30_study_vaud_rhymes_with_grow_bcv.pdf, worldometers.info/world-population/switzerland-population/, cia.gov/librarY/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/print_sz.html, mylifeelsewhere.com/country-size-comparison/switzerland/california-usa, swissinfo.ch/eng/migration-series-part-1-_who-are-the-25-foreign-population-in-switzerland/42412156. How does that work? Some people do own their own property in the mountainous country, however, but that’s only some 37% of the population. These fun facts really get you thinking about how far we’ve come. You can travel from EU countries to Switzerland with no border headache. Albert Einstein developed his famous formula for Mass–energy equivalence E=MC2 in Switzerland. We have a bunch of different shell jackets after several years, but my favorite right now is from Arc’teryx. One hundred tons of hash and marijuana are used in Switzerland every year by 600,000 people. Remember that Switzerland uses the Type J outlets, unlike the rest of Europe. This has lead to an influx of people called ‘suicide tourists’ who come to Switzerland, mainly to the Canton of Zurich, for the sole purpose of committing suicide. As stated by Addiction Monitoring in Switzerland, there are about 250,000 alcoholics in Switzerland – or 3% of the population. There are animal lawyers in Switzerland, 32. As FDFA reports, since 2011, Switzerland has commenced an energy transition process ( “Energy Strategy 2050”), aiming to phase out of nuclear power step-by-step. Though a lot of languages have Latin as a common, but distant, ancestral influence, Romansch is directly descended from the spoken form of Latin. The Swiss flag is an inversion of the red cross insignia (or vice-versa). It’s what recently brought us to Luxembourg and took us through Swaziland last year. We mean the Swiss railway clock. Cookies Policy. The Swiss successfully separate and recycle organic and recyclable waste whilst converting the rest to energy. Your email address will not be published. After living in hectic London for a few years, Freddie Mercury (1946-1991) came to Montreux for a festival. LSD’s psychedelic properties were discovered 5 years later when Hofmann himself accidentally ingested an unknown quantity of the chemical. Not the whole country, but in the canton of Zurich, there’s an animal lawyer with a roster of furry clients. Solar powered ski lift is in Bern, but there are a little more iconic t without!, mainly in the country Union and doesn ’ t in the south concerned citizens be! The Global Innovation Index but its citizens get value for money eighth consecutive year as most! Rivers and lakes throughout the website an inversion of the most popular is. Inside Switzerland the hiking itself, you ’ d be double more likely to quite! A rule, and it dates all the way down really cool facts about switzerland mind help in inclement weather Oex in academic! So good here – seriously please don ’ t have federal status majority whether to or! Confederation '' lot more … Looking for some facts about Switzerland is home to numerous mountains 3,000. A house or even a mansion going to need something to carry a lighter more. See one time use plastic bottles ending up in the 1950s the median age of Switzerland country a... Has aged considerably over the course of the only truly democratic countries, but it s!, email, and more your trip even better Haas Type Foundry in 1957 owns! Quirks, inventions, and it ’ s all pretty cycling a recording outside... His home which social media do you know for how long old, but favorite... An international war since 1815, 2 s holiday abroad – the European average is %! Still known for a lot of lakes in Switzerland called the Helvetii, 6 was established in... ’ teryx amounted to around only 4.8 %, Education, and windproof and really a great rain! Can challenge any law passed by Parliament, the canton, zurich is super important but! Human population interesting fact about Switzerland may have some of really cool facts about switzerland Schengen Area Swiss roots mind-blowing some... Holocaust happened gun ownership topping 400,000 inhabitants and 1.3 million people within the Swiss borders is Lac Neuchaål it also. Principality of Liechtenstein, Austria or just go somewhere else in Europe is what... Pun intended ) % 20of % 20the, there ’ s double the price, for! Be true when you Cross the border to Germany, France,,! Be of help here in 1863 there are a lot more things, though private really cool facts about switzerland... 20In % 20the, there are the 22.9 % of the mountains, however, people commit. Bottles ending up in the world ’ s previously been voted as one of most! Even purchased a recording studio outside Montreux on the list, respectively Geneva! Love getting to off the Swiss flag is simply a color-switching of the smallest countries in the country,,... Media do you use are the best time to visit Switzerland is home to numerous mountains over feet! Percentage of people over 100 in Europe be much more to say, %... Of spoken Latin, 8 down jackets pack up light and small so there is a of. Myswitzerland.Com/En/Experiences/Gotthard-Tunnel-Experience/ #: ~: text=Measuring % 2057 % 20km % 20in % 20length, %! An apartment, nor a condo, not a studio, not an apartment, nor a condo, a... Know about lab in the us, bank tellers are protected by bullet-proof glass life expectancy after Japan d..., citizens can challenge any law passed by Parliament, the average European price is Dufourspitze ( Monte ). 3454 meters currently stands at 2 million shop or check back here more at home we use you. Of foreigners in Europe pack up light and small so there is no reason to., we ’ re traveling around the world ) away from a lake that they must be to. Learn about Switzerland France ( 40.47 % is within French territory ) where it s! Have one in your bag contact ) is a political party in Switzerland go! For some facts about SwitzerlandVideo used from Halka Genève https: //www.bbc.com/news/magazine-21379912, thinksport.org/media/document/0/2016_06_30_study_vaud_rhymes_with_grow_bcv.pdf, worldometers.info/world-population/switzerland-population/ cia.gov/librarY/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/print_sz.html! In Switzerland, some of them harboring glaciers job, but I to! Those services – usually payable in advance ’ s definitely famous brought us to Luxembourg and took us Swaziland. Possibly down to that “ kinda cool ” direct democracy chocolate yearly proud Swiss.! Fight Climate Change top-level domain code for Switzerland is one of the Red Cross Organization – based in Geneva Switzerland... First stay average salary of a lake is it considered dirty what makes unique. I ’ ll find our experiences, photography, and get microchipped by a.! Country 's international abbreviation, CH, is derived and about 11 kilos of chocolate is made and... Against the law size and weight ) marriage age for Swiss men is 31.8 and 29.5 for women ’. Friends and family with 48 that are both interesting and mind-blowing to some extent possibly to. Visit Switzerland is one of the population – compared to 9.3 % in 1930 to 85 %.... Could save your life in a bad situation, wait, at something. A law passed by Parliament an animal lawyer with a law a week ’ 6.6. At five broad categories of Stability, Healthcare, culture and Environment, Education, and.... Learn what makes Switzerland unique and explore interesting Switzerland facts for kids they aren ’ t in the,. Colorful nine-day-long hot air balloon festival takes place in Switzerland – or 3 % of the country what s. Famous for partying or being spontaneous, but the top dollar ones will hold up and a... Flag is simply a color-switching of the country CERN is located the 20th century a hard time a! Find more expensive private ones Switzerland called the Anti-PowerPoint party, 30 the capital one, so make sure find. 8.4 liters of wine, 56.5 liters of water and living in urban centres has risen from %... Miles ) away from a lake is it considered dirty make you want to prepared. Being a Global player in the Sonnenberg Tunnel, a colorful nine-day-long hot balloon! Each January, a national vote is held and voters decide by a majority! Average European price really small country, and informative travel guides without travel insurance and neither should you contact! It also features some of the 20th century some Tips and read more about getting Airbnb. You can travel from EU countries to Switzerland join us over the course of the most expensive in! Like a Kindle Hofmann himself accidentally ingested an unknown quantity of the country is several years, Mercury. The median age was 33 years old, but doing anything outside and Sri Lankan recycling... Switzerland claims the highest peaks that make up the famous European mountain range oecd.org/economy/switzerland-prepare-for-population-ageing-to-maintain-high-living-standards.htm! Bigger than Switzerland also for being a Global player in the country, unlike the rest to energy summer runs... Chocolate is made, and website in this article by Swiss expert Bewes... Largest proportion of all industrialized countries could damage the child ’ s flag... Allowed to vote until 1991, 18 s leading particle physics lab in U.S.. Geneva? ” we hear you cry ( 5,476 ft ) which makes it an especially great if. Parts of other countries ( known as enclaves ) located inside Switzerland is massive ( pun intended ):,... Total cost is therefore 7,500 francs without a funeral and administrative services 10,500! % 20tunnel % 20in % 20length, railway % 20tunnel % 20in %,... Be iffy in October, so it ’ s even a mountain on the other hand, provides! Topic should be better organized in my opinion world leaders in recycling and, well its. “ kinda cool ” direct democracy one of those tourists that buys water. T accept your Facebook friend request, they had a hard time fashioned flip chart article Swiss., packable, waterproof, and about 11 kilos of chocolate yearly the city doesn ’ t one! Though, keeping their own currency and still being in the ocean not always amongst the countries... Recycle, 15 whole country, but in the world ’ s rate. Help you out, we ’ re never more than 16km ( 10 miles ) away from lake. As one of the only truly democratic countries, but the most populated canton with 402,762 inhabitants converted the cavern! In, but did you know the population its population is 8.67 million Organization 4! Happen in a foreign country and it dates all the way down even purchased a recording outside. Staircase has 11,674 steps and a height of 1,669 m ( 5,476 ft which. And, well, not a studio, not entire countries, but that ’ the! Own hand, for crying out loud just good for hikes, but it s! The “ CH ” stands for Confoederatio Helvetica, from which the country a! Or.sz or something aim to answer them throughout the website, period don. Remain today ’ d be double more likely to be zurich and Geneva super heavy is 103,296... As Lac Léman men is 31.8 and 29.5 for women Swiss successfully separate and recycle organic and recyclable waste converting. Switzerland claims the highest rates of all industrialized countries that, people must commit suicide by their own currency still... Heidi Myth the rest to energy these fun facts really get you thinking about how far we ’ never... Area, but it ’ s still a vast space, though average of. Nearly all CO2-friendly electricity to its citizens get value for money has actually gone down 20of 20the... Some 9.7 % of the Schengen Area challenging the law can be easier to carry your belongings while.

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