On the surface, Rhinebeck is a sheep and wool festival, and there are sheep and yarn and wool and thousands of knitters, and I guess really, considering how much I like all of those things, it’s a set up that I would love it, but Rhinebeck has become something else over the years. I read this book while on vacation, since I was not knitting. This is what we’re talking about”. We problem solved. (We got caught.) Yarn Harlot | Knitting blog by Steph Pearl-McPhee Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. 2.61%. That’s Sam’s house – she lives about 80km away. It’s not perfect, and it’s not the Rally, but it’s the best we can do. It’s not happening. Steph, thanks for posting. They are for me. Off they go into the (currently sparsely populated) long-range-planning-box. Is there any way a person could get her hands on some of those “I like to party…” bags? Dear Elliot, Dear Maeve, Dear Frankie, Dear Luis…. We talked it over again, and now Team Knit has decided to (oh I can’t believe I’m typing this publicly)…. If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, then you know that we have lots of traditions around the New Year. Knit the baby size out of bulky to get an adult size. You know, someday we’ll all read about this year in books. They’re beautiful to be sure – but I opened the package and was disappointed for a second, wondering if I was retreating to my typical fall colours. It is a strange and terrible time, and there are days when I just can’t be cheerful about it, and then days when I am with my family and I think that we’re in great shape, for the shape we’re in. Also, Covid-19 ate Pato’s vacation days so he can only go away for a weekend, and me and Ken and Cam have work too and… well, we got creative. Tell me you’re past your deadline too. I think it’s just so pretty, and I believe I’ve got that little jolt of bright acid springtime yellow to thank for it. So, we’re leaving. When I wrote to Elliot, I wrote about how content I was as a grandmother- how the fear and terrible worry of being a mum gives way to experience, and that in that there is so much joy. Wait for meeeeeeeeeee! My mum always did it, and she wasn’t at all superstitious, but I love the way it gives our family a sense of tradition, ceremony and contributes to our family culture. While I don’t usually work on my birthday, this year I was supposed to be at the Strung Along Retreat with my dear friends Debbi and Judith, and a hoard of knitters I adore. Meg and I speak often of the inner conflict we feel around remembrances of Charlotte. Now, obviously I wanted the adult size so that’s what I was knitting, but the original is knit out of DK weight yarn and I am using a bulky. CHECK! I left the morning of the 27th and flew to Nova Scotia for my Uncle Tom and Aunt Helen’s 50th wedding anniversary party (boy am I glad I did that now) and after a few days there, went to Banff to meet Joe. The Yarn Harlot's Bag of Knitting Tricks Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter It’s a time to be gentle with yourself I say. I say I love you more often. The needs rise, and the fundraising goes down, and so here is where Team Knit is at. There are four roses on each trellis, the same number of children my mum had. The biggest challenge with Kiri is the yarn, really. It’s exactly the colour of new leaves, and that ruby red is like the red of ranunculus or sweet peas. like us. I’ve made a bunch of them now – starting with blankets for my own daughters, and then Hank. Love those beautiful, happy faces! Sorry kiddo, it’s Monday. Wrap yourself up in that, kiddo. Craft. For years I’ve known that knitting socks was my travel solution, I always had a pair in my purse, and I knit while I’m on the bus, on the subway, in cars, on planes – at the queues at shops, waiting for appointments, now that that’s all gone the sock production around here has dropped off sharply, which is to say that it turns out that without really thinking about sock knitting, I don’t do much. I was at Rhinebeck, in one of the big buildings with the windows, turning a fast corner around a line at the end, and nearly bumped into you. ), Shawl: True Colors Yarn: Fiber Optic Kashmir 6-pack in Spice, along with a skein in the natural grey. I miss my friends (especially my American ones) and travelling and knitting classes and conferences and Port Ludlow, and I dread the coming winter when our ability to see people out-of-doors and distanced will go away, and I feel bad for Joe that there’s not likely to be skiing this year, and I am worried about his parents who’s world has been very, very small for so long now. I did get smart and order most of the yarn I needed a few months/weeks ago, so hopefully nothing is too much of a disaster there. She was a tad overwhelmed by the spectacle. It is the part that is Megan – the strong woman that Charlotte came from. I blame the lockdown. Especially now that I know where the Stop button is. Some day I want to go to Rhinebeck. I’m trying to figure out what normal grief looks like if we’re enduring a pandemic and damned if I know, but I wanted to tell you that I’m trying officially, starting now- to let myself off the hook for all of the messiness I experience while I figure it out. I make sure I have a first footer, a dark haired man who’s the first across my threshold after midnight, and on the first day of the New Year I do a little of everything that I’d like to carry into the rest of the year, and start a new project. We’re not scrambling around trying to figure out how you’re supposed to get things or what you have to wipe down or trying to figure out masks. I love your Rhinebeck sweater and your scarf. And the shawls, the sheep and goats… And yes, that purple shawl… Thanks for the show! This is adequate, of course, and the best they can do- considering that for all intents and purposes they’re pretty sure they’re holding beautiful hand knit socks. (I gave away the last one.) (I didn’t finish my sweater in time). Thanks for sharing the experience that is Rhinebeck! Buy Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter First Printing by Pearl-McPhee, Stephanie (ISBN: 9780740750373) from Amazon's Book Store. To be clear, that money is going to run out – the crisis is not over, and the Rally isn’t raising as much this year as last. What’s been the point is all of us pulling together for one goal, for celebrating friendship and taking care of people, and trying to be the change we want to see in the world, and putting our time and efforts where our mouths are. I bet it was like that for a lot of you too. Next year we are both going! The Thing About My Family | Yarn Harlot. How could it happen? Maybe that is for her mother to do, or maybe I am just too much of a realist to write to someone that I know will never read it, and besides, I wrestle with some demons yet. Still, it’s an advent calendar year over here, another little one in our family has come of age – I imagine you all figured that from the wee things settling around me in drifts, and I did have it completely in my head that it would be finished and in the mail by the 27th November and arriving in time for… well. I got to see the sweater in person, and Fox Paws! This was coupled with other parenting gems like pointing out that there were four of us and only one of her, and so it was our job to know where she was, not the other way around. I caught sight of the Yarn Harlot throughout the weekend. Every hour Amanda and Joe cleaned the furniture, put out fresh bowls of snacks (separate for every person) and and trotted out drinks in disposable cups and glasses of champagne, and every hour all day we sang Happy Birthday and had cupcakes. patterns (17) projects. There’s an angora goat?? I have no idea how so much time can be whipping by me when the days seem so long, or how I can be at home so much and still not get anything done. Yes please, we need to know about this cape! (Duh, hotel room.) We did all the right things. I haven’t been in a grocery store in eight months, and our list of close contacts for a week can be counted on one hand, and that’s if you put the both of us together. You were with your peeps. Me? Too nosy? I’m in Germany and I had hoped that there would be more sheep and yarn festivals since they have so many sheep. (To be fair, not much in my stash does.) I know cause I got to “try” it on one time. I’ve been in 90+ degree heat and in 60 degree rain. I’m trying not too look to far ahead right now. Did you do some serious stash enhancement while there? Now that the whole rest of the world is finished knitting that sweater I might as well make one. 31.4k Followers, 1,239 Following, 1,537 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Adam Chance (@theadamchance) I’ll try to post to instagram as we go along over the next two days, and show you what we managed to make work. WEBS Yarn Store Blog » Yarn Harlot. My Ravelry queue, still full of everything I was going to make her is still exquisitely painful to me and I haven’t been able to open it – not after I opened it once without thinking and was confronted with it all. I don't know how to make an accented "e" on my computer. SHE KNEW that’s what you do. Really these pictures should come with captions for the pattern names. Remind me to tell you all about the time she had me fake an illness so she didn’t have to go to a business dinner with my Grampa. I could show you the sheep… Oh, wait. I am okay over here, I think. Yarn Harlot Source; Viewing as a guest user. I know. Could we please have a closeup soon? I grieve that she didn’t get more. Helen (hbcolombo at juno.outlook.com). the yarn harlot. Please please please let there be a pattern? Yarn Harlot - I really like this sweater but I think it ... Yarn Harlot: At longest last. Or more photos of it, I’d be down for some reverse engineering. I’m out of my box. I hope to one day make it to Rhinebeck – your pictures make it come alive. There are two blankets on that page of the book. I’m the jerk who can’t quite look at it long enough to write the post my daughter wants. I’m so proud. It takes real time and commitment to make that kind of high quality error.) It’s day one of “lockdown” here in Toronto. I mean, we did it, such as it was, but the whole thing was a little hollow for me. I’ve been a very busy grandmother – Elliot is here a lot, and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what a busy three year old does to your available time. Meg has been asking for almost all those months for Charlotte’s blanket to be photographed and for me to write about it, the way I did for Elliot, and I have been stalling, or maybe it’s unfair to say stalling and it’s really been more like… trying, because of all the items left behind in the wake of that babe’s life, it is the blanket that hurts me the most. cycle the equivalent of the rally each month for three months. And, yes, there is something special about Rhinebeck. The Yarn Harlot's Bag of Knitting Tricks Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter Yup, I spied it too. Be brave, be funny, be fierce, be all you, be mine. There’s good things and great things and bad things and for the most part I feel okay about how this family is doing. We did get lucky with the weather this yearr, which was great. 12 | May | 2010 | Yarn Harlot. It really is unfortunate that the fairground’s rules limit the food options at MDS&W. And I wore a new sweater. This panel of Lilly of the Valley is her favourite flower, and it grew all the way along the side of her house, and when I was a little girl she used to encourage me to lie on my tummy in the grass and stick my nose right in it. Meanwhile, I’m just here to show you some socks. Clients who had jobs that were helping might not now, clients with support may be missing that now, and clients with children are now under additional strain, with no school, childcare or camps. Most memorable was the year I met you! Impressed minds want to know! (Yarn’s Must Stash in Vespa). It will make me feel better. We’d love your help. That she would join a long line of incredible women that Meg and I would tell her about as she grew. It went fine. Also nice is your friend’s terrific cape. So, I decided to make it again. Gentle knitters, Team Knit leaves in the morning for a mighty and triumphant MINI RALLY. As a result, we have one of the highest per capita COVID rates in the US. I swear it was 10am when I went for a ride, and then all I did was make lunch for me and Joe and… four? I now am 54 with officially three children, ages 20,17 and um…4). All four of us still have jobs (thanks for the Patreon you lot!) Yarn is Ancient Arts “Lichen in my Crevices” I am so fetched with this colourway and yarn combo that I have three more skeins of this one in my stash, all purchased separately. Thank you for giving me a smile today when I really needed one. Of course I was wearing mine as well. It’s not perfect, you can only have 10 people in your bubble, and no person in Ontario can be in more than one bubble – there’s a massive element of trust and monogamy, but that day, for the first time in months, our family was together. I brought a non-knitting friend to the festival. Instead, whole mornings are lost to *figuring out how to get red embroidery floss through a website and curbside pickup only to pick-up said pickup and realize that it’s completely the wrong red, heading home dejectedly while realizing that you forgot green thread anyway so you might as well light this floss on fire and make another order, all while wondering how you got yourself in a situation where red floss is an “essential trip.” (Repeat from * when the green thread is wrong and doesn’t match the buttons you had to compromise on as well.) We asked ourselves what was possible- what challenges we had and what we could do about them, and what could we do to drive donations and give PWA the biggest rescue we could. At one point she grabs my by the arm to chase a woman down the aisle…….she thought the woman was eating wool. There are 16 yarn harlot for sale on Etsy, and they cost $15.87 on average. I’m so lucky to live in Woodstock, right across the river from Rhinebeck. It’s the place, the people, and the wool. That “purple” shawl isn’t just a shawl- it is amazing – has a bazillion beads on it and it feels so special on. I completed none of the traditions. The Yarn Harlot's Bag of Knitting Tricks Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter Screw you Covid. Buy Free-Range Knitter: The Yarn Harlot Writes Again by Pearl-McPhee, Stephanie (ISBN: 0050837250611) from Amazon's Book Store. This is what I was thinking about while I knit her blanket. Kay McPhee, mercy she was a wild woman and she died when I was a teenager and I still sometimes think about her fingers in my hair as a I go to sleep. Maybe there’s one at the Post Office? I know so many of you are in the US- the epicenter of the world’s pandemic, and that with hundreds of people dying every day still – you might not feel comfortable going to the the post office, or getting a package. Do you know, as the girls grew up and starting from when they were very little, I made a decision. 4th photo from the top – gorgeous Angora goat! (you stopped and talked to some folks in line for food who were standing right in front of me, but I felt it would be rude to interrupt). I hate crowds, and I generally hate festivals. This is a time of great transition, and I want to be clear that I’m not miserable over here – I’m not lying at the bottom of a pit of despair ignoring a ladder right next to me. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. We spent the weekend enjoying wool, talking knitting, talking everything, knitting, catching up, and cementing what brings us back, over and over. I met a lovely group of women who it turns out frequent the same LYS and live close by. 2020, don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out. I am grateful that Charlotte had such a good, strong mum. The centre of Charlotte’s blanket has little trees of life (I know, obvious – sorry. They got in touch with everyone that I’ve been missing and sad for, and came up with a scene of fantastical proportions. Just to be around people who get it. Me? It’s a summer Love Note after all. I was looking to embrace summer with my knitting, bright colours, hope and joy – it didn’t speak to me of flowers and warmth and water. I do not believe that Charlotte was here so briefly for a reason. We put on our cheerfulpants and asked ourselves what we could do, and now … we have a plan. You were with a group of friends, but were kind enough to introduce yourself, and make small talk. The shops are all set up for curbside pickup and delivery, we’ve got our PPE sorted, and other than widening our bubble to include our immediate family (and then shrinking it again a few months later, as instructed) Joe and I have pretty much kept ourselves in lockdown the whole time anyway. Set up a fort? Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee 4,086 ratings, 4.18 average rating, 452 reviews Open Preview See a Problem? I know we had to be apart to protect each other and our communities, and for the sake of vulnerable people and none of us could imagine doing something that would endanger someone else’s mum, not after we know what it was like to lose mine, but watching them console each other after so long… I can’t believe now that we did it. You look so cute in your new sweater and those boots! To boot, it is far more complex to provide those services with the restrictions we have in place. I know I’m tired of quarantining or wiping down packages, and I know that it would be an extra trip out to the post office for me to send something to someone now and while things are starting to be less scary in Canada (and I have been to the post office once) we’re still supposed to keep our public contact to a minimum. 2.42%. I think I’ll forgive myself for that too. Your email address will not be published. Rhinebeck, NY. Meg and Alex will forever now have two children. You just can't easily rip Kidsilk Haze. discussions. I’m determined to make the Patreon a ridiculously good value, and so far I think I’m succeeding. Verified. I know too that usually now I would fire up the Karmic Balancing machine, and I might yet – but I wanted to get a feel for what you all thought first? I recommend the practice. This year, Team Knit is the old faithfuls. I am too clever and I suspect you are as well, to think that they are even remotely the same, that they scratch the same itch. Our family is an undeniable matriarchy – I think it started when my grandfather ceded all familial power by heading off to war, and my Grammy took charge and it’s been down to the women since. I love your post. Be gentle. The greatest gift I received this year (oddly, from the province of Ontario) was that Ontarians were allowed to expand their social bubbles. I was overwhelmed this holiday by thoughts of how things were “supposed to be” and that included missing my mum, Tupp, Susan and my Uncle Tom (Mum and Tupps brother) died just two weeks before Christmas, and of course – little Charlotte, who was supposed to be fat and happy, crawling around and trying to eat paper. Nope, he has no such talent. I can think of a whole bunch of knitting friends who would LOVE them for Christmas. An adult size, and a baby size. And that they are friends with you. Hope to see you next year –. I suspect that your long weekends at Rhinebeck with friends help make up for the times when you’re away from hearth and home for weeks at a time, in a different hotel each night. So far this year I have only finished two pairs of socks, and knitters, it’s July. People do come from all around the world. And fancy boots too! Those first few days are just too hard to scramble fancy photoshoots in matching clothes into the mix. It was really cool. I just shared a very similar sentiment and photo of our house. We can’t stand the thought that another family would lose someone because we blew it – so this is it, for now – and on the upside I did learn a ton about what Christmas means to us – and surprise surprise, a lot of the things I work at every year don’t mean anything without people. Gauge is still a thing | Yarn Harlot. Haha! I don’t know if they are each other’s besties, exactly, but they are a united force, and they depend on each other to a very great degree. This post captures that perfectly and I can show it to my non-knitting folk and say “See!? Dammit. When I read the part about the new sweater, I had to look back at the pictures to see if there were two full sleeves. My guess is that on the second group-on-the-porch shot, you’re who made the comment that cracked everyone up. Today – I’m going to – well, first I’m finishing this blog post, then I’m finishing something for The Patreon (if you’re a patron, a new video headed your way today I think – can’t believe I said that either) and then – oh crap it’s Tuesday so I have to have a weekly meal plan and a grocery list together and text the neighbours to see if they need anything and it’s still snowing so I’ll have to shovel before I take the recycling out and … then. Making a big push for PWA, and trying to inspire you to inspire us so we can help them, and trying to make our own fun – or fundraiser, as the case may be. I’m already looking forward to next year! They usually say something like “these are beautiful” but then they look at you in a way that says what they’re really thinking, which is “thank you for thinking that I am worth this much of your time it makes me feel loved” which is really what we’re trying to say with knitting, isn’t it? Super hard, but we’re going to try, darn it – because no matter how hard it is, it’s easier than having AIDS during a pandemic, and PWA needs a way through the next year. I will too. I feel good about inventing a new job and getting us out of trouble, and I feel good about being as available to Elliot as I have been – If the kid can only have a few people in his life, they should be dedicated. This is the only element that has appeared on most blankets that I knit – it’s a signature move, and is meant to symbolize the family that surrounds the child, whole and intact, as protectors and help. Of forget-me-nots and rhododendrons…, It is a shame then that I dropped it like a hot rock when yarn came from Lichen and Lace (the used-to-was owner of the famed Lettuce Knit here in Toronto, now turned dyer extraordinaire in New Brunswick.). patterns (17) Viewing as a guest user. So it is for Megan I think – we’re on mostly the same page with all of her pictures and belongings, with one difference. (I was careful to pace myself on both the cupcakes and champagne, realizing early that this could end in disaster.). I’ve been finding it rather satisfying, and it’s only just occurred to me today why that might be. I can smell the wool fumes from here! I have a mini-rally to tell you about. Maybe that’s tomorrow’s problem. Stash-wise, I’m set anyway, so The Plan is to knit down the stash this year and have a “good” reason to go next year. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the recent Canadian elections and Justin Trudeau (I remember his father). AH! Here in the MidSouth, the trees are not into autumn colors yet, and when they finally do, it seems like they are gone in one windy, rainy day. Its just a very special weekend. I think she’s wearing the sweater in the photos. (I can’t believe I said that.). (Insane knitter theory #4: If I keep going, maybe this will stop looking too big. Lily of the Valley also appears on Elliot’s blanket – so a little nod to sibling solidarity there. Always such a magical place and time. On a side note thank you, Stephanie, for blogging about the store. (What the heck. I went to Web’s last week and it was fun spotting the knitted and crocheted garments people were wearing there too even though the weather was warm. Closets, cupboards, whole rooms cleaned and repainted, I even put down the shelf paper that I bought at the beginning of the pandemic. Anyone who knew her couldn’t help but associate her with her garden, and her love of roses. Meg feels connected to it, often holding it and finding comfort in something that was so fiercely and individually Charlotte’s – a symbol of how desperately loved and wanted she was. I would love to go even if I couldn’t buy all of the yarns. editors. Be in the best shape of your life? For two people who’ve been locked down together for eleven weeks we’re getting along just fine, and part of that is that we try really hard to care about the things the other person is interested in and in return, don’t ask the other person to have to pretend too often. http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/nyc-marathon-knitting-runner-crochets-flowers-article-1.2407903?cid=bitly#_gus&_gucid=article – life & style – top&_gup=twitter&_gsc=yrnh7MK, Your email address will not be published. To say we were happy she was a girl? For other posts in this series, check here. (Both literally, and figuratively.). Nancy P. I have to laugh at the photo of the woman eating the maple cotton candy. overview. Mostly though, I want to show you what I really go for. One that was rather serious in nature, because we’re not just bummed that we don’t get to have a Rally, we’re really rather more upset that The Rally (not really being a Rally this year) hasn’t been able to fund the agency the way that they usually do – which makes total sense but is still upsetting. This is a New Jersey tale of serendipity, two socks, and the singular Yarn Harlot. Increasingly PWA is going to be asked to do more with less, and that’s hard to see coming. It’s a lot of time at my desk, but I’m so grateful to be able to keep the wolves from the door that I’m cool with it, and I’m sure I’ll get better. I worried about what might happen to my girls, I wrote- but after they grew up, largely without incident, I thought there was nothing to fear, I could enjoy my grandchildren with a joyful unafraid love that leapt like little fish in the sunshine and made my heart feel like it was made of sparkles. It is in keeping with the rather craptastic nature of 2020 that I begin the month of December by blowing a deadline. Only thing that could make it better, is if Bradley Cooper was in it!. I was one of the many knitters who stopped you as you were walking. It feels a little sexist, doesn’t it? The next to the last one, the red faced one, is an angora goat. I love it. Rhinebeck. yarn harlot blog. I’ve essentially been setting a self-esteem trap every day and it turns out I’m great at it. I am glad that Cam is a knitter so he knows exactly how much work his big feet are and can extrapolate exactly how much I love him. This pair isn’t yet a pair – I’m headed for the toe on the first one – knit in Regia Pairfect Rainbow – yeah, I was rocking a Pride theme for Pride month. Then we looked at that goal, and we decided it wasn’t lofty enough It wasn’t… hard enough. Rhinebeck is bad for the budget, but great for the soul! This is a video of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee knitting using the "Irish Cottage" technique. I get a little romantic about babies) and a border of diamonds because they have four sides – and Charlotte was the person who took Meg, Alex and Elliot from a trio- to a quartet.

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